“Siempre Adelante”
Always Forward


Discover and activate your unique strengths. Receive coaching & guidance from Strengths Dynamics 360 that will help you realize and achieve your full potential, in any area of life!

Are You Using ALL of Your Strengths?

Gallup’s research shows that people who use their strengths are:

3 times more likely to report an excellent quality of life

6 times more likely to be engaged in what they do

6 times more likely to have the opportunity to do what they do best every day


Knowing and activating your unique strengths is the key to being your best at work, home, and in your community!

Individual Coaching

Move confidently in the direction of your life’s dreams and aspirations.

Team Coaching

Improve the dynamics, synergy, and performance of your team.

Career Coaching

Develop your professional future with career coaching.

Management Coaching

Lead effectively with executive & management coaching.



– Thomas Edison

Need a Strengths Facilitator or Coach?

If you ask yourself any of these questions, a coach and thinking partner can help!

  • Why am I better at some things than others?
  • How can I expand my understanding of others and grow my relationships?
  • What talents do I possess? Yes! You have talents that are unique to you!
  • How can I learn to recognize my own talents and use them for the benefit of myself and others?
  • How can I achieve my own goals and help my family, team and/or organization achieve theirs?
  • How can I most effectively use my talents to lead myself, my family, my team to excellence?
  • How can I grow my talents into strengths?

“Alliance Volleyball brought Dr. Masters in to work with our college bound seniors this year because we were looking for a way to give back to them that exceeded the usual Senior/Graduate gift. We thought giving the gift of knowledge and self-understanding would be the perfect gift to present to our athletes who had grown up within our organization and were soon heading off to college, many of them with plans to play collegiate volleyball and/or accepted into prestigious academic programs. Dr. Masters took the time to review everybody’s strengths results and was genuinely interested in learning more about each athlete and staff member. She breathed excitement into the room when explaining what each strength trait/combo meant and how it related to the way we operate in our everyday lives. It was really amazing to see everyone’s eyes light up when Dr. Masters was discussing their strengths more in depth and it was fun watching the athletes’ excitement while learning more about themselves and their teammates during the interactive activities she had planned for us all. The time Dr. Masters spent with our Seniors and Staff was incredibly unforgettable, extremely valuable and we cannot wait to have her come back!”


– Abbey West, Associate Director at Alliance Volleyball Club


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“Being around both athletics and higher education, you tend to take a good amount of personality assessment tests throughout the years. I’ve always thought they were interesting and you generally leave with this little paragraph of “information about yourself”. What I appreciated about Ann Masters and the Gallup assessment was the wealth of knowledge and information you receive so you can continue to develop your strengths following the course. The course helped us identify our individual strengths and those of our leadership teams and how best to work together. ”


– Jessica Enderle, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at Fisk University


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Are You Ready to Discover Your Unique Strengths?

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Ann Masters brings a research based approach to each coaching relationship, based on more than 40 years of Gallup leadership research gleaned from studying more than 50,000 leaders in over 200 diverse organizations and industries.

We are excited that you are venturing into the world of personal growth and strengths development! The time you invest in yourself will benefit not just you, but your family, friends and coworkers. Be the powerful, positive force for excellence that you can be, in whatever challenge faces you.