What is the difference between a talent and a strength?

A TALENT is a naturally recurring pattern of behavior that, if understood and practiced, can be effectively used and applied. With positive action steps, a talent can grow into a strength. Gallup would say that a STRENGTH is the ability to consistently provide “near perfect performance” in a specific activity. A strength consistently benefits both you, and those around you.

How can I grow a talent into a strength?

Identify your dominant talents (usually top 5). Then take action steps, supported by knowledge, skill development, and time to build competency around your top 5 themes. Complement and leverage your unique COMBINATION of talents for maximum growth potential.

What is the research behind Clifton StrengthsFinder?

Don Clifton and Gallup created a “language” of the 34 most common talents based on a 40 year research study conducted across the globe in almost every country. The research took into account socioeconomic, racial, cultural, ethnic, and professional groups. This research provides the basis for the StrengthsFinder survey and its focus on building upon what’s strong with people, not what’s wrong.

What is the basic philosophy behind strengths research?

Instead of focusing on the negative, and what’s wrong with people, Gallup research focuses on a global conversation about what’s RIGHT with people. That is the driving force behind developing your strengths. Uncover your unique style and talent. Focus on and develop what you are good at!

How will knowing my strengths help me?

You are UNIQUE. And there’s research to back up this claim. Based on the research, the chance that anyone else has the same top 5 talents, in the same order as you, is 1 in 33,000,000. The chance anyone else has the same top 5 talents in a different order than you, is 1 in 270,000. That means that YOU have a unique combination of strengths and perspective to offer your family, your coworkers and your community. Your gifts are needed!

Are You Ready to Discover Your Unique Strengths?

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Ann Masters brings a research based approach to each coaching relationship, based on more than 40 years of Gallup leadership research gleaned from studying more than 50,000 leaders in over 200 diverse organizations and industries.

We are excited that you are venturing into the world of personal growth and strengths development! The time you invest in yourself will benefit not just you, but your family, friends and coworkers. Be the powerful, positive force for excellence that you can be, in whatever challenge faces you.